Medical Thermography

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Medical Thermograpy

For many years there have been various scans available, carried out by health practitioners to identify ailments or the presence of certain issues. Thermal imaging is being used worldwide more and more in the quick and non-intrusive identification of possible tumours and muscle injuries. The main lynchpin of anything that is being looked for is heat anomalies, with modern thermal cameras being able to scan from minus 900c up to plus 4000c. It is becoming more and more recognised in the medical arena that thermal imaging has a role to play in finding and assisting in identifying those issues and, as always, the medical profession is continually identifying more and more applications.

It must always be remembered that a thermal image is only a guidance to what is possibly present and the actual diagnosis must at all times be in the hands of a qualified doctor. The most high profile use of thermal imaging was during the Covid pandemic where non-contact identification was needed and thermal imaging was the go to technology.

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