Thermascan Limited

With over 30 years of combined thermal imaging experience, our expert team of Level II Thermographers are here to provide you with honest, impartial advice and excellent service.

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Baseline-RTS Ltd

Baseline-RTS Ltd is a Condition based maintenance company specialising in both Thermography & Ultrasonic detection & measurement.

As an OFFICIAL distributor of TeledyneFLIR test equipment & products we can provide the follow services:
Equipment Sales & Advice on product suitability.
Onsite & offsite Product training (Both accredited and non-accredited) tailored to your specific industry & requirements. The trainer has nearly 20yrs experience working across multiple industries.
Onsite/online Software training for Thermal imaging camera software (FLIR Thermal studio / Tools / ResearchIR)
Inspection services focusing on Electrical, Mechanical and energy conservation applications. All carried out by a Level 3 Thermographer & Level 3 Ultrasonic inspector.

Other services such as:
Full service & calibration
Calibration check/validation.
Equipment rental. (Established customers only)
Consultancy regarding Condition based monitoring and feasibility assessments. Including Ultrasonic detection, Acoustic/Ultrasonic visualisation, Ultrasonic thickness testing, Vibration analysis & Motion amplification.

Baseline-RTS Ltd is Based in East Sussex, and we cover the entire UK & Northern Ireland.

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3I Condition Monitoring Consultancy Ltd

3i Condition Monitoring Consultancy Ltd are a solely independent company and because of this we are able to provide a bespoke, tailored service. Our inspection services are all conducted by a level 3 thermographer and we have over 30 years of experience in offering expertise in a multitude of applications which include; electrical, mechanical and building applications. We can combine results with other condition monitoring techniques to provide you with a more 3 dimensional picture. In addition to this we also provide comprehensive certified training.

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Drone Media Imaging

Drone Media Imaging, a certified thermography service provider, operates extensively in the UK and Ireland. Specialising in aerial thermography, they focus on solar, landfill waste management, construction (BREEAM), and property survey/inspection sectors. Additionally, the company conducts ground-level thermography surveys and inspections, catering to commercial and domestic building maintenance, construction, eco-energy management, and electrical installations markets. Their expertise spans diverse industries, property portfolios, as well as Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed ancient buildings, always ensuring precise thermographic assessments for enhanced efficiency, cost-saving, sign-off, maintenance strategies, and asset deterioration prevention.

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TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) is the leading unbundled property loss control provider worldwide.

With decades of experience in risk management consulting, TÜV SÜD GRC can respond to your loss control needs effectively. Combined with TÜV SÜD’s more than 150 years of history and a global network in over 1,000 locations worldwide, the joint expertise of these two organizations adds to an already diversified portfolio for existing and future customers. TÜV SÜD GRC is headquartered in Clark, New Jersey.

The Infrared team offer thermographic risk consulting services across the globe throughout various industrial sectors for corporations, both large and small. Whilst we concentrate our efforts on the electrical services (HV/MV equipment, Transformers, Main LV switching units down to DC control systems) within a location, we do cover any business-critical machinery and equipment (Compressors, Chillers, Cooling towers, CNC Machines, Pumps, Fans, etc) as well.

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Keldin Engineering

Keldin Engineering is a leading specialist in the installation of OFCI (Owner Furnished Contractor Installed) and CFCI (Contractor Furnished Contractor Installed) equipment, along with comprehensive testing and commissioning services tailored specifically for LV (Low Voltage) Switchgear, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and Bus Bar systems. Keldin’s expertly trained Thermographers detect potential faults and anomalies in electrical systems using top quality thermal imaging equipment saving clients from costly downtime. We also offer thermal surveys of existing facilities for preventative maintenance purposes.

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