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What we do

The UKTA is an association of professional practitioners of thermography. It acknowledges the growing interest in thermography among a wide range of people involved in non-destructive testing and condition monitoring.

The UKTA members cover all applications of thermography – that is, uses of infrared imaging in which measurement is important. Membership is encouraged from the following disciplines: electrical, mechanical, building, aerospace, marine engineering, medical and veterinary imaging, research, camera manufacturers, accessory manufacturers, academia, remote sensing and trainers.

Building Thermography

Building inspection is a fast-growing application of infrared thermography, which can be used to test and solve problems in buildings of any age, size, use or construction type.

Electrical Thermography

The use of thermal imaging cameras to inspect electrical equipment is the most well-established application of infrared thermography within the commercial and industrial sectors.

Environmental Thermography

Thermal imaging is playing a huge part in the monitoring of renewable hardware from wind turbines to solar panels.

Mechanical Thermography

The use of thermal imaging in mechanical diagnosis is, and always has been, a go to technology to determine matters such as bearing failure before it actually happens.

Medical Thermography

Thermal imaging is being used worldwide more and more in the quick and non-intrusive identification of possible tumours and muscle injuries

Veterinary Thermography

Thermal imaging shows an animal’s physiological state by graphically mapping skin surface temperature in response to changes in blood flow, helping to identify injuries

UKTA activities include conference sessions, seminars and newsletters, to help keep you connected to the latest industry information

Who we are

The UKTA is not new it has been around for over three decades in one form or another. The reason for its existence is to inform non-practitioners and those looking to enter the industry either as a discipline, mainstay of their work or as a complimentary skill to their core skill. The UKTA exists as a focal point where practitioners can interact and those seeking to commission thermal imaging scans can head to knowing that those practitioners listed in 'Find a Thermographer' are certified and fully qualified in not only thermal imaging but in most cases a core skill set. From this it can be seen that the UKTA not only serves its member s but also serves and informs the wider public and is recognised as the only association that caters fully for thermal imaging and practitioners.

Thermal imaging is just not a set of pretty pictures, they are technical images of things that the human eye cannot see and assist in identifying a wide range of issues from building issues to health and electrical and many more besides. Every week new applications are emerging which in reality clearly shows that the application of thermal imaging is only constrained by people's inquisitiveness on ability of how the discipline can be used.

UKTA Committee Members


Current UKTA Committee Members are listed below:

Chair: Mark Colyer BSc.(Hons) Dip.Eng MBA - Director at ScanTherm Surveys

Deputy Chair: Jon Willis - Infrared Training Centre (ITC) Manager EMEA

Treasurer: Elaine Hall DipICAT, Cert Vet Ed, MAAT, FHEA - Director at Equine Thermography

Membership & Media: Helen Sprakes BA(Hons), PIEMA - Director at Environmental Strategies Ltd

Committee Member: Catherine Simpson CEng, CEnv, FIET, FEI, FCIBSE, MAE - Principal Director at Building Simulation

Committee Member: Vacant

Committee Member: Vacant

If you are interested in joining our Committee and progressing the work of the UKTA, please contact us on ukta@ukta.org

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