UKTA Newsletter – July 2016

Keith Maynard, Chairman

Keith Maynard, Chairman


2016 began with UKTA re-engaging with our members and establishing new and existing members onto the UKTA Committee. We are all still much focussed on addressing all the requests made in August 2015 when Wendy Poole – CM Team Leader at BINDT / UKTA contacted everyone. Our top three items were:

  1. More support from BINDT Keith Maynard, Chairman
  2. More promotion via seminars and networking
  3. Improve UKTA’s reputation

Currently, UKTA is linked to BINDT through the Condition Monitoring Technical Committee (CMTC) as a Special Interest Group and we have had UKTA representation at their meetings in Northampton in March and May. The next CMTC is in August. We have a similar link to the Infra-Red Thermography Working Group (IRT) which meets 4/5 times a year. Of particular note is the work being done by IRT to update and reaffirm all the PCN examination questions and other criteria together with a comprehensive set of standards and universally appropriate vocabulary for thermography. At this time it is interesting to see a new ISO Standard  18434-1: 2008 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines –Thermography and ISO/DIS 9869-2  Thermal Insulation Building Elements –in-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Part 2: Infrared method for wood frame dwelling.*

UKTA has met in its own right in January, April and June and our next full Committee meeting will be at our new offices Midsummer House, Riverside Way, Northampton NN1 5NX Tuesday 20 September 2016 @ 10.30am. (All committee’s minutes are Confidential to Committee members after signature of a Confidentiality Agreement.)

UKTA Sub Committees:

We have work underway with sub-committees to establish Competent Persons Schemes for appropriately qualified Thermographers. The first of such schemes is for thermographers to be appointed under the BREEAM scheme whereby assessors can take an ‘approved’ thermographic BREEAM report for consideration to award additional BREEAM points on new and refurbished building fabrics. A sub-committee of UKTA headed up by a team member (Bruce Arnold) is working closely with BRE to launch the scheme later this year. We met BRE in April at their Watford offices.

Similarly, Kristian Westerhold is chairing a sub-committee of UKTA to establish a Competent Persons Scheme for electrical thermographers (more precisely to reference thermography inspection methodology, safety procedures and in-depth information on arc flash.)

This work on Competent Persons Schemes is not to negate any of the existing investigations, surveys and reports being carried out by UKTA Thermographers, but rather to enhance and safeguard both thermographer and ‘client’.

We do also have interest in similar schemes for Veterinary / equine and this is being considered in more detail at this time. CMTC in its own quest is seeking expertise in machine condition monitoring for the food production industry and is keen to work with UKTA and our thermographers to create expertise as well as commercial opportunities. If you have a particular interest here – let me know.

I do think that we all have a job to do in making it clear to our clients (those engaging thermographers for surveys, reports, “recommendations”)  and other members of any professional team with whom we may be engaged, to stipulate what we are professionally competent and qualified to execute in thermography e.g. IEE/IEEE, ICE, IMech E, RCVS

Trading Standards:

To this end, BINDT and UKTA have just engaged in a ‘process of clarification’ with the UK Trading Standards body as it appears that some purveyors of thermography are using the UKTA to claim professional standing in veterinary and clinical expertise. Obviously, clients engaging thermographers will only respond to what they are purportedly told. BINDT and UKTA cannot endorse nor condone these inaccurate claims by thermographers nor do we have jurisdiction over the precise Terms and Conditions of Contractual Engagement. We would however caution against overplaying of qualifications. A full statement in respect of the Trading Standards dialogue will be published in due course.

Annual Thermography Conference:

Infrared Training Ltd. Graciously hosted the 1st Annual Thermography Conference at its Liverpool offices in May, I was most impressed by the eloquence and passion of the all the speakers as they presented their own experiences of thermography. BINDT/UKTA participated at the conference with a table-top exhibition to promote our joint interests and sign up new members to UKTA. At this time it is proposed to hold our 2017 Annual Conference co-located with the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring at the ILEC Conference Centre in London 13-16 June 2017. UKTA will be working with BINDT, CMTC and others to establish a precise programme and make invitations for attendees, presenters, sponsors and the like.

Trade Show:

We had a taste of thermography in the wider field of Thermal Engineering when we took a BINDT/UKTA trade show stand at the Thermal Engineering Exhibition at the Roundhouse in Derby at the beginning of June. This show was run together with an IMech E conference entitled ‘Thermal Engineering for Transport: Optimal Thermal Engineering and Design under Key Weight, Space and Cost considerations’. Again, we are hoping that the seeds sown there with attendees and other exhibitors will bear fruit for UKTAs top three on the wish list.

55th Annual Conference and Exhibition:

12-14 September in Nottingham will see the 55th Annual BINDT Conference.

UKTA will be manning an exhibition stand at the conference. You are welcome to join us.


And what about BREXIT? What does your particular Institution (IEE, IMech E etc.) have to say regarding its continuation as a European – as well as worldwide organisation? For my part from ICE I received a statement which assures members of a business as usual approach once the current Vs future modus operandi is clear.

There is something called the Washington Accord  whereby professional qualifications are recognised. BINDT, in response to my request from UKTA for a statement on the post BREXIT impact on BINDT/UKTA have the following two references:

Yes, BINDT and UKTA do have a life beyond Europe.

….and by the way, I picked up the following flyer from a community bank in Austria

Thermography Flyer Austria


Whilst writing about membership, it may be prudent for UKTA to consider broadening its membership as I feel this must be the way ahead. Broadening UKTA and BINDT’s reach by opening up membership to non-qualified engineers is a big step, but members should trust that this is one of many decisions that need to be taken. In particular, BINDT recently asked for votes in respect of the Affiliate title. There had to be a ‘call to arms’ as there were insufficient responses by the first ballot due-date. BINDT proposed to make its membership more accessible by merging the titles of Associate and Affiliate in order to create a knowledge grade. The alternative of staying as we were would leave the entry bar so high that interested thermographers may shun our special interest group(s) and seek (or claim) alternative accreditation. I would certainly not wish UKTA to become marginalised by economists, financiers, planners, accreditors or think-tanks such that all we are called to do is crunch numbers/interpret thermograms while strategic advice is sought elsewhere. So what? BINDT was established in 1976 from a preceding body of 1954 and UKTA in 2004 when we had an optimistic vision for the future. I believe we have similar opportunities today especially with the digital revolution and its internet of the future.

How do you countenance the comparison of say PCN2 Thermography (and even IMechEng’s new PCN 3 courses)  and cross-rail engineers who, according to Costain’s Senior Tunnel Engineer can be trained in 5 minutes to operate a method of thermography called SMUTI – Strength Monitoring Using Thermal Imaging?

Here the sprayed concrete tunnel linings need to be analysed/tested to determine compressive strength of the concrete. The exothermic cement hydration gives us the clue. Monitoring the thermal changes gives a direct correlation to concrete strength. To be fair to the operatives under Costain’s Senior Tunnel Engineer’s charge, he does insist on a 90 minute training course to explain the technical background.

It is precisely this application of thermography that I believe can attract affiliates to UKTA.


I put this in to show how we at UKTA currently sit within BINDT. We are subject to BINDTs Articles of Association but have the authority to set our own terms of reference as a special interest group therein.

New Address:

BINDT and UKTA move to our new offices in August.

Midsummer House
Riverside Way
(off A248 Bedford Road)

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Wishing you all a warm and thermographically enjoyable summer.

Keith Maynard