UKTA Newsletter – June 2017

The cancelled AGM which was scheduled for 30th November has been rearranged for the 13th June 2017 and will be held at the First World Congress for Condition Monitoring at the ILEC conference centre in London and we would be delighted if you could attend. Please contact Matthew Calver at BINDT for details
Direct Dial +44 (0) 1604 438259     Email:   

This second Newsletter of 2017 not only gives us an update of the activities during the last year, but also highlights several events and initiatives whereby UKTA is hopefully addressing your requests made to BINDT back in 2015. Our top three items were:

  1. More support from BINDT
  2. More promotion via seminars and networking
  3. Improve UKTA’s reputation

Hopefully you will be able to see that we are making progress in these areas and I commend the good works of the UKTA Committee to you and wish to thank them on our joint behalves. At the AGM you will have hear requests asking for assistance with committee roles such as treasurer, event’s organiser, website/advertising. May I make that request to you now? Please join the committee and volunteer your services if you feel that you can do so.

We get a few requests from new people wishing to join UKTA and the wider world of thermography. We also get moans and groans that not enough is being done, but what we don’t get is new people with keen interest to come on board (the committee) and do something about it. UKTA cannot be a one-man-band.

At a UKTA meeting in September a presentation was made for the initiation and administration of the Competent Persons Scheme (hereinafter referred to as Scheme) – together with all of its administration. This is based upon the Chart which was agreed by the previous UKTA Committee in association with our Chief Executive Cameron Sinclair back at a meeting in Oxford in 2015. It was also presented as a ‘handover document’ at the AGM last November 2015.It is precisely this chart that we are following and implementing.

Subsequently a proposal was made to implement  such a Scheme and in March Cameron Sinclair – CEO Bindt, Caroline Bull – President BINDT and myself formulated and signed up to a joint UKTA – ILCA agreement. See the UKTA website for a copy of this Agreement. Of course, any other, interested company/person may also make proposals to UKTA to have their specialist area included as an UKTA scheme as we are trying to facilitate a framework within which their particular area(s) of interest could be certified.

The first Scheme is for Thermographic Imaging of Building Structures. We therefore have the imminent launch of the Buildings Competent Persons Scheme in association with BRE which is intended to cover BREEAM and Home Quality Mark (HQM) assessment methodologies. The ultimate aim is to persuade DCLG to include infrared thermography in Building Regulations Part L Approved Documents as a means of compliance checking in addition to Air Tightness testing. A UKTA Sub-committee was formed for this to make it less onerous on the whole UKTA committee.

The Electrical* and thereafter the Veterinary Competent Persons Schemes – again each with its own sub-committee, are also being developed. (*this is at serious discussion stage with the Fire Protection Agency / Risk Authority with the next meeting scheduled for mid 2017)

Currently, UKTA is linked to BINDT through the Condition Monitoring Technical Committee (CMTC) as a Special Interest Group and we have had UKTA representation at their meetings in Northampton throughout the year. The next CMTC is in June 2017.

CMTC in its own quest is seeking expertise in machine condition monitoring for the food production industry and is keen to work with UKTA and our thermographers to create expertise as well as commercial opportunities. If you have a particular interest here – let me know.

We have a similar link to the Infra-Red Thermography Working Group (IRTWG) which meets 4/5 times a year. Of particular note is the work being done by IRT to update and reaffirm all the PCN examination questions and other criteria together with a comprehensive set of standards and universally appropriate vocabulary for thermography. At this time it is interesting to see a new ISO Standard  18434-1: 2008 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines –Thermography and ISO/DIS 9869-2  Thermal Insulation Building Elements –in-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Part 2: Infrared method for wood frame dwelling and of course ISO6781, Performance of buildings – Detection of heat, air and moisture irregularities in buildings by infrared methods.

I do think that we all have a job to do in making it clear to our clients (those engaging thermographers for surveys, reports, “recommendations”)  and other members of any professional team with whom we may be engaged, to stipulate what we are professionally competent and qualified to execute in thermography e.g. IEE/IEEE, ICE, IMechE, RCVS

Trading Standards:

To this end, BINDT and UKTA have just engaged in a ‘process of clarification’ with the UK Trading Standards body . There is a fraud charge being processed. The following is an abstract from the court papers and the case will be heard in 2018:

In summary under Sections 1), 2) and 12 of the Fraud Act 2006 the charge relates to a company (with the consent and connivance of a director):

Entering into a course of conduct (between the 10 February 2011 and the 5 September 2011) by dishonestly making false representations with an intention to make a gain for itself or another in that it did publish claims that, upon completion of a thermography course, a person would be able to register with the Medical and Veterinary Division of the UKTA whereas this was not a requirement to register with that Association.

The expert witness statements produced by UKTA will, apparently, not be challenged.

BINDT and UKTA cannot endorse nor condone these inaccurate claims by thermographers nor do we have jurisdiction over the precise Terms and Conditions of Contractual Engagement. We would however caution against overplaying of qualifications.


UKTA Committee members along with me are members of, or have been actively liaising with, several learned institutions and industry-leading organisations to seek mutual ‘leverage’ and better awareness of the benefits of infrared thermography, including:

  • Royal Institute of British Architects. RIBA
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers. IMechE
  • Building Research Establishment. BRE
  • Fire Prevention Authority and the Risk Authority. FPA
  • British Institute of Facilities Management. BIFM
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. RICS
  • Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. CIBSE

…..and others where relationships are developing.

Events 2017:

  • Presentation to the FPA – Risk Authority in January 2017.
  • Joint BIFM – UKTA meeting in January 2017 at The National Archives, Kew.
  • North East Scotland Branch of BINDT presentation Thermography in Practice.
  • IMechE Thermography presentations –
  • Series of Thermography presentations at First World Congress on Condition Monitoring – Earl’s Court June ‘17.
  • Support for SATRO & STEMS as they encourage school children to consider a career in the sciences – thus showing Thermography as an example.

I put this in to show how we at UKTA currently sit within BINDT. We are subject to BINDTs Articles of Association but have the authority to set our own terms of reference as a special interest group therein.

Midsummer House
Riverside Way
(off A248 Bedford Road)
Northampton  NN1 5NX

Eur Ing Keith Maynard  BSc(Hons), CEng, MICE

t: 01276 29727
m: 07762 443 889

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