UKTA Competent Persons Scheme to Support BREEAM


UKTA (United Kingdom Thermography Authority) is a special interest group affiliated to BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing) and promotes the professional application of thermography to all branches and applications of the technology.

At this time, UKTA is devising a Scheme whereby professionally qualified thermographers can be called upon to carry out surveys in the built environment such that, in association with a BREEAM assessor, credits can be awarded to projects as part of their overall BREEAM Assessment.
Having already engaged with BRE, UKTA has formed a sub-group to look specifically at the creation of a Competent Persons Scheme which BRE, UKTA and its appropriately qualified members can be engaged on projects where the developer, design team and contractor, through a BREEAM ASSESSOR, can gain credits by the adoption of a UKTA – BREEAM Thermographic Survey.

To this end, The SOR (Scheme Operating Requirements) and the SRR (Survey and Reporting Requirement) are now into penultimate draft stages. Bruce Arnold, a UKTA Committee Member is leading on these documents.
The following timescale is what we are working towards:

  1. Produce the next draft of the SRR and SOR – end May 2016
  2. Draw up a Project Plan
  3. Issue to UKTA committee members with agenda for next UKTA scheduled for 21 June in Northampton and members to either endorse Bruce’s document or bring specifics to the meeting in June.
  4. Final draft by early July
  5. Copy then to BINDT for input comments end of July
  6. Subject to BINDT approval, confer with BRE early September
  7. Expectation would be to let BRE have input
  8. Publish on UKTA website for MEMBERS only to see and comment
  9. Establish administration and governance in parallel with the above – May through end 2016.
  10. Launch the Scheme – towards end of 2016.
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