UK Thermography Authority Bulletin No.2 June 2017


Following my previous bulletin I’m delighted to announce that the UKTA Competent Persons’ Scheme (CPS) was launched during the Infrared Thermography session at the Condition Monitoring World Congress in London on the 15th June. I have attached a copy of the launch presentation, which was delivered by Bruce Arnold, chairman of the BREEAM/HQM sub-committee.


CPS Way-ahead:

At the last UKTA meeting, the members instructed Bruce Arnold to make contact with ILCA to formally start the ball rolling with the scheme. To this end Bruce has completed the final draft of the Scheme Operating Document, a copy of which is also attached with this bulletin. It is in the same format as those for the DCLG Energy Assessment (DEA, NDEA and DEC), DECC Green Deal and ATMA schemes. Bruce and I would welcome any comments you might have.

Bruce is also putting the finishing touches to the buildings scheme Survey Technical and Reporting Requirements (STRR – was IRR) document, which I will email to all those on the current UKTA Approved Thermographers list as soon as it is ready – again for comment –in the next week or two. Kristian Westerhold and Patrick Quirin are working on the equivalent electrical scheme and we hope to start work on the veterinary (equine) scheme soon.

In the July bulletin I will ask for current approved building thermographers to volunteer to become members of the Technical Committee and scheme auditors. This will require a firm commitment but UKTA/ILCA will deliver audit training and I expect the UKTA to pay travel expenses and there will be a yet-to-be agreed fee per audit. I will include the terms of reference (TORs) for Technical Committee members, and auditors, with this bulletin.

The programme over the next few months is:
• By end June, issue STRR to current approved members for comment
• July – bulletin, invitations to, and TORs for, Technical Committee and auditors
• August/September – bulletin, inaugural Technical Committee meeting – probably at BSRIA
• October – bulletin, auditor training, invitations to join scheme, terms and conditions of scheme membership & scheme costs.
• November 1st – Building scheme ‘vesting day’
• November & December – bulletin & building scheme ‘shakedown’
• January 2018 – bulletin and building scheme go’live.
For those wanting to know more about the Competent Persons Scheme Conditions of Authorisation please download the document using the button below.

CPS Conditions of Authorisation


Eur Ing Keith Maynard BSc(Hons), CEng, MICE

t: 01276 29727
m: 07762 443 889

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