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Infrared Training Limited (IRT) is an organisation that provides Thermography training as a core business. It based at the Jaguar/LandRover site in Liverpool and exclusively provides training with a global reach across a wide range of industries. A key objective for the organisation is the development and promotion of training and education in the field and the improvement of quality in Thermography practice. To this end IRT has developed on-line aspects of its course and training manual to reduce the number of training days, introduced the latest in educational technology in the training room and is actively promoting an active discourse on some of the wider issues around in the Thermography industry today.

To this end IRT are hosting an Open Day to:

  • Demonstrate and exhibit some of training resources and strategies
  • Provide an opportunity for a number of speakers to address some of the current areas of interest in the industry.
  • Invite key equipment distributors to show their products.
  • Generally offer an opportunity to reconnect, network and spend some time with fellow practitioners.

IRT is inviting Thermographers, Training managers, people responsible for Condition Monitoring and planned maintenance and those with a strategic overview of their company’s needs to attend the Open Day to be held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at our offices in Liverpool. Regstration desk will be open from 10.15am with speakers starting at 11am and the speakers will finish around 2.30pm and there will be time to visit our exhibitors at this point or during the short lunch break.

We will also be offering the opportunity to take part in a Land Rover experience demonstration drive for a few lucky registrations…

Open Day Promo Flyer

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