UKTA attend the Thermal Engineering Show in Derby

The UKTA and BINDT were at the Thermal Engineering Show on the 2nd June at the Roundhouse, Derby.

We heard from Airbus, Alstom, Aston Martin, Boeing, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce discuss best practices for thermal management design, simulation and packaging in transportation and optimising design under weight and cost restrictions.

Key technology areas included:

Heating Technologies
– Industrial Thermal Processes
– Induction Heating
– Driers, Ovens and Kilns
– Combustion Systems and Engineering
– Industrial Burners
– Steam Raising Plant
– Melting Technology
– Process Heating
Cooling Technologies
– Refrigerant Gases
– Industrial Refrigeration Systems
– Electronics Cooling
– Heat Exchange Technologies
– Cryogenics
– Liquid Cooling
Modelling and Analysis
– Fluid Mechanics
– Simulation/ Modelling
– Thermal Imaging
– Thermal Management Systems

The event gave BINDT & the UKTA an opportunity to:
• Meet individuals interested in becoming members of UKTA
• Meet other exhibitors and share “thermal knowledge”
• Promote UKTA across the European Thermal Engineering Industry

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