Conditions of Registration

  1. The registrant must have a thermography qualification at or above Level 2 (PCN/GEN) or Category II (CM/GEN Appendix B) or equivalent. Alternatively registrants seeking UKTA approval for BRE HQM or BREEAM thermographic assessments must hold the ABBE Level 3 Certificate in Domestic Infrared Thermography or ABBE Level 4 Diploma in Built Environment Infrared Thermography respectively.
  2. Equivalence will be assessed by a Special Working Group of BINDT which will periodically review equivalence of thermography training and certification schemes.
  3. Registration is classified by Level and Application. Applications include Electrical, Mechanical, Buildings and material science.
  4. Acceptable qualifications for each application include:
  1. Buildings
    i.  PCN CM/GEN Appendix B – Civil
    ii. ISO 6781-3 with Building Thermography Training, e.g ABBE Level 3 for HQM or ABBE Level 4 for BREEAM/HQM
  1. Mechanical
    i.  PCN CM/GEN Appendix B – Mechanical
  1. Electrical
    i.  PCN CM/GEN Appendix B – Electrical
  1. Material science
    i.  To be confirmed
  1. Registrants with different qualifications must demonstrate that they have been trained in all the topics shown in Annex A2 of this document including at least one of sections 7, 8 or 9 according to their specialism.
  2. Registrants must demonstrate that they have been trained in these subjects and have passed a test of their knowledge. They must also demonstrate that they have at least 1200 hours and 24 months experience by providing evidence of relevant work over the past 12 months and two referees who can be contacted. New registrants may also be required to submit examples of their work to the UKTA for quality assessment prior to the granting of UKTA approval.
  3. Registrants must be Members of UKTA – the cost of Registration is included in the Membership fee.
  4. Registrants must remain members of UKTA to keep their registration active
  5. Registrants must ensure their competencies are kept up to date (for example as a result of changes to the Building Regulations and/or BS/EN standards or technical approvals).
  6. After 5 years Registrants must renew their registration by demonstrating continued activity in their registered field of thermography.
  7. Registrants must abide by the code of conduct for members of BINDT

Registration will be terminated if Registrants do not abide by these conditions.